4-H Volunteer Training and Resources

Training and Recognition

Training is conducted at local, state and regional levels. New 4-H volunteers receive a general orientation, and depending on each local 4-H office, meetings will be held several times a year to help new leaders. The Connecticut 4-H Volunteer Conference is held every other year at the state level, and there is a regional 4-H volunteer forum. Just as we recognize the efforts of youth, the UConn 4-H Program recognizes and acknowledges its volunteers for their efforts at the local, state and national level.

Getting Started

  • Decide that you want to volunteer with youth.
  • Contact your local 4-H Educator to discuss your interests and time commitments here is a list of local 4-H contacts.
  • Visit the Z Suite Enrollment System to enroll in UConn 4-H as a volunteer https://4h.zsuite.org/.
  • Upon completion of enrollment in the Z Suite system, references will be contacted and a background check will be conducted by the UConn Human Resources Department.
  • Once approved as a 4-H volunteer, you will receive an orientation about 4-H and being an effective volunteer.
  • Begin your journey as a 4-H volunteer helping youth to Make the Best Better.


Fact Sheets

4-H kids at NASA rocket

girls carrying boxes of milk

girl showing Jersey heifer in 4-H show

four boys with their 4-H robotics project