4-H Record Book Materials

What is a record book? 4-H members are encouraged to keep records as part of their leadership experience.  Your 4-H records present a picture of your growth and development as a 4-H member.  A complete 4-H record book includes a:

  • UConn 4-H Record Book Cover
  • 4-H Yearly Record (sample)
  • One form for all animal projects (one sheet per species)
  • One form for all non-animal projects (one sheet per project area)
  • 4-H project supplemental sheets for each individual project taken during that year are optional

Record Book Pages

The official record sheets for the UConn 4-H program are as follows:

- One 4-H Yearly Record (everyone uses in addition to their project record)  Word   PDF   Fillable PDF

- One form for all animal projects (one sheet per species)   Word   PDF

- One form for all non-animal projects (one sheet per project area)   Word   PDF

- One form for robotics projects (this is a new record sheet that has been created to meet the record keeping needs of youth with robotics projects)    Word   PDF

All the supplemental pages are remaining the same and are optional.

Educational Material Regarding UConn 4-H Record Keeping

Sample Records

Fact Sheets

UConn 4-H Record Book Covers

Record Book Cover Front    Word    PDF
Record Book Cover Back    Word    PDF

UConn 4-H Alternate Records

(For most 7 & 8 year olds and 4-Hers with special needs)
Alternate 4-H Activity Record    Word    PDF
Alternate 4-H Non Animal Project Record    Word    PDF
Alternate 4-H Animal Project Record    Word    PDF

Supplemental sheets include: growth and market, growth, fiber, breeding and progeny, egg production, egg incubation and milk production. Use of the supplemental sheets is optional.

Animal Study


Beef, Dairy, Working Steer





  • Supplemental Record Growth & Market
  • Supplemental Record Egg Production
  • Supplemental Record Incubation
  • Supplemental Record Growth

Rabbits & Cavies


Small Animals/Pets