4-H Record Book Materials

These publications will be made available in an accessible alternative format upon request. Please contact extension@uconn.edu or 860-486-9228. 

What is a record book? 4-H members are encouraged to keep records as part of their leadership experience. Your 4-H records present a picture of your growth and development as a 4-H member. A complete 4-H record book includes:

  • UConn 4-H Record Book Cover
  • 4-H Yearly Record (sample)
  • One form for all animal projects (one sheet per species)
  • One form for all non-animal projects (one sheet per project area)
  • 4-H project supplemental sheets for each individual project taken during that year are optional

Record Book Pages

The official record sheets for the UConn 4-H program are as follows:

  • One 4-H Yearly Record (everyone uses in addition to their project record):  Word  |  PDF
  • One form for all animal projects (one sheet per species):   Word | PDF 
  • One form for all non-animal projects (one sheet per project area):   Word  |  PDF
  • One form for robotics projects (for youth with robotics projects):    Word  |  PDF
  • All the supplemental pages are remaining the same and are optional.

Educational Material Regarding UConn 4-H Record Keeping

Sample Records

Fact Sheets

UConn 4-H Record Book Covers

  • Record Book Cover Front: Word | PDF
  • Record Book Cover Back: Word | PDF

UConn 4-H Alternate Records

(For most 7 & 8 year olds and 4-Hers with special needs)

  • Alternate 4-H Activity Record: Word | PDF
  • Alternate 4-H Non Animal Project Record: Word | PDF
  • Alternate 4-H Animal Project Record: Word | PDF

Supplemental Sheets

Use of the supplemental sheets is optional. They are available by species under the names below, and the supplemental sheets include:

  • growth and market
  • growth
  • fiber
  • breeding and progeny
  • egg production
  • egg incubation
  • milk production

    Animal Study

    Animal Study

      Beef, Dairy, Working Steer

      Beef, Dairy, Working Steer

        Small Animals/Pets