4-H Forms


General 4-H Forms

Annual CT 4-H Volunteer/Club Leader Enrollment and Agreement Form PDF
UConn 4-H Teen Council Application Guide PDF
UConn 4-H Recognition Form Application form used to apply for national 4-H events such as National 4-H Dairy Conference, National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Conference and Citizenship Washington Focus, and UConn 4-H Teen Council Word
Volunteer Application Form Word
University of Connecticut Background Check - The 4-H volunteer screening process is now completed online.  Please check with your local 4-H educator to begin this process.  Please do not send completed background check forms to UConn.
Code of Conduct Form PDF
Code of Conduct Form - Spanish Version PDF
4-H Member/Volunteer Health Form PDF
4-H Member/Volunteer Health Form - Spanish Version PDF
End of Year Club Report and Financial Summary Word PDF
UConn 4-H Complaint Procedure and Form Word PDF
The Big E Ruby Morris Scholarship Form Word
Pick Up Authorization Form PDF
UConn 4-H Permission Form for Field Trips and Activities PDF
Becoming a Volunteer of Record Checklist PDF
Risk Management Planning PDF
UConn 4-H Accident Report PDF
UConn Behavioral Incident Report PDF
UConn 4-H Hall of Fame Nomination Form PDF
UConn 4-H Rising Star Nomination Form PDF

Z Suite 4-H Enrollment System Instructions

Re-enrolling in Z Suite PDF
Creating a New Account PDF
Frequently Asked Household/Family Questions PDF
Frequently Asked Volunteer/Club Leader Questions PDF
Instructions for Accessing the UConn Minor Protection Training in Z Suite PDF
UConn 4-H Enrollment Form - Enrollment in 4-H is completed through the Z Suite Online Enrollment System.  This packet is only used with county authorization. Participants are to enroll prior to engaging in 4-H activities.  To be eligible to exhibit at the county 4-H fair, enrollment must be completed by May 1st. PDF
UConn 4-H Enrollment Form - Spanish Version PDF

Verification Forms

What is a verification form? This form confirms that you have owned or leased your project animal by a specific date.  In order to exhibit any animal species, such as dog, dairy, beef, working steer, sheep, swine, llama, alpaca, goat, horse, rabbit, mules, donkeys, reptiles, small animal and poultry, at a UConn 4-H Fair for that project year, the project must be owned or leased by a specific date.  Please see chart below for the dates for each species.  It is important that each 4-H member complete new verification forms each year.  Get your forms from your leader, or call your local office. Wet signatures will be required on verification and lease forms.  Forms must be sent via hard copy or scan to the county 4-H office.  Those submitting late verification forms will not be eligible for consideration for 4-H programming at the Big E.  Please see "Other Animal Forms" at the bottom of this page for ESE and other animal forms.

Dairy, beef, working steer, horse Postmarked by May 1
Dog, Rabbit, Cavies, Small Animals, Goat, Swine Postmarked by June 1
Llama, Alpaca, Poultry, Sheep Postmarked by June 1
Horse Postmarked by May 1 for ESE consideration Postmarked by May 1 for 4-H fair showing
Beef Call Laura Marek at 860-626-6240 to be put on list for ear tagging. Entered online through ESE site and tagged by Feb 1 for steers for ESE consideration. Entered online through ESE site by May 1 for heifers for ESE consideration Verification forms collected by May 1 for 4-H fair showing

Verification Forms

Animal Project Verification Form Guidelines PDF
Animal Verification Form - Large Animals PDF
Animal Verification Form - Small Animals PDF
Contract for Lease of 4-H Project Animals PDF
Policy on Late Animal Verification Forms PDF
UConn 4-H Verification & Lease Form Checklist PDF

Other Animal Forms

Application for Participation CT Delegate to New England 4-H Dairy Program at Eastern States Exposition PDF
Requirements for the New England 4-H Horse, Dog and Livestock Programs at Eastern States Exposition for CT 4-H members Word PDF
New England 4-H Horse Eastern States Exposition Delegate Application Word
New England 4-H Horse Eastern States Exposition Junior Leader Application Word
Guidelines for Bits in New England 4-H Horse Shows PDF
Guidelines and Sample Forms to Assist Horse Judges in Negotiating Judging Contracts PDF
New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines PDF
New England 4-H Horse Show Sample Forms and Scoresheets PDF
Horse/Pony Medication Report Form PDF
2023 CT 4-H Horse Show PDF
2022 CT 4-H Horse Show Pattern Book Word
New England 4-H Carded Horse Judges List EXL
CT 4-H Horse Judging Guide PDF
CT 4-H Horse Program Guidelines and Opportunities PDF
Introduction to CT 4-H Model Horse Shows PDF

4-H Communication Documents

Build Common Measures Impact Report PDF
Customize Common Measures Impact Report PDF
Data Communications Basics PDF
Template Intros Conclusions PDF
Using Common Measures Template PDF

These publications will be made available in an accessible alternative format upon request. Please contact extension@uconn.edu or 860-486-9228.