4-H Explorers

The UConn 4-H Explorers is a unique membership category that is age appropriate for youth 5 and 6 years old (as of Jan. 1 of the program year). These programs require more adult supervision and the focus is on cooperative learning rather than competition. The UConn 4-H Explorers program follows a set of program guidelines based on developmental appropriateness.

UConn 4-H Explorers Handbook

UConn Explorers Activity Summary
UConn Explorers at the Fair

Minnesota 4-H Funworks: printable activity sheets you can use with your Explorers, either as a supplement to a topic or as something fun for kids to do while waiting for the meeting to begin and between activities.


  Four kids making food Kid decorating a pumpkin Kids looking at hay bales

4-H Explorers:

  • Are 5 years old as of January 1 of the 4-H year.
  • Are enrolled in UConn 4-H as Explorers, and their area is by default 'UConn Explorers.'
  • Learn to get along with others.
  • Explore a variety of interest through hands-on activities.
  • Build self-confidence through healthy experiences.
  • Participate in their own club activities, not 'joined in' with older youth.
  • Receive participation recognition.
  • Participate in county and state events where specific Explorer activities are in place.
  • Have leaders who are approved and trained UConn 4-H volunteers.

Becoming a UConn 4-H Explorer Leader

UConn 4-H Explorers Training

Topics covered in the training include:

  • Steps to getting started.
  • 4-H Ages & Stages
  • Experiential Learning
  • Planning and Implementing for Success
  • Positive Learning & Group Management
  • Curriculum Review

Contact Us

For information on the Statewide Virtual 4-H Explorers Club please contact Heidi Herz at heidi.herz@uconn.edu or Margaret Grillo at margaret.grillo@uconn.edu

For information on Explorers clubs in your area please contact your local county 4-H office.

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