Month: December 2021

Electronic 4-H Record Keeping

UConn 4-H is excited to announce that electronic record keeping is now available within the ZSuite system. Each member should complete a Yearly Record or Alternate Yearly Record followed by the appropriate number of record sheets for their project areas using the Animal Record, Alternate Animal Record, Non-Animal Record, Alternate Non-Animal Record, Robotics, and Animal Study Sheets. Explorer 4-H members can also complete their Explorer Activity Summary sheet electronically. Completed record sheets can be downloaded for signature and submission once complete, please check with your county 4-H office for more information regarding county specific record book requirements. Please note, 4-H Record Sheets may still be typed or handwritten. Sheets are available at under Resources and then Record Keeping. Optional Supplemental Sheets for animal records are available electronically. If you need assistance with your electronic record book, please feel free to use the live chat within ZSuite Monday-Friday 8am-5pm or email ZSuite during nights/weekends. Questions regarding record keeping such sheet types, records and submission are best asked of your club leader or UConn 4-H County Professional. Step by step electronic record keeping instructions can be found here

Annual Survey Emails Were Sent Out

Kid decorating a pumpkin

UConn 4-H is dedicated to the improving youth development programs across Connecticut. We will be conducting a brief annual survey of registered 4-H youth participants each Fall. This is an important opportunity for UConn 4-H to demonstrate our positive impacts on youth development. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Please check your junk/spam folders. If you did not receive a link and opted-in for evaluation during the 2020-2021 4-H year, please email

UConn 4-H Leadership Opportunities

UConn 4-H Leadership OpportunitiesRecognition Forms for consideration for the UConn 4-H Teen Council, National 4-H Dairy Conference and National 4-H Congress are due to the local 4-H Office on in May.  Check with your local 4-H office for specific dates.  All applications must be typed.



National 4-H Dairy Conference provides an opportunity for youth to meet with members of the dairy industry and develop a better understanding of the production and marketing of dairy products as well as provide a broad understanding of careers available in the dairy industry.  A variety of tours and workshops are offered to meet these objectives.


National 4-H Congress – National 4-H Congress is a pinnacle event of the 4-H experience providing workshops focused on the 4-H mission mandates, hands-on service learning experiences, challenging speakers, and opportunities for networking and recreational activities.


UConn 4-H Teen Council –Applications for the 2023 4-H year will be due June 1, 2022. Interviews will be scheduled through September of 2022 and the term will run from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023.